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English for Presentations

Course Title: English for Presentations
Date: 30.9.-4.10.13
25.11.-29.11.13 (London)
11.11.-15.11.13 (Cheney Court)
Time: 09:15 – 18 (17 – 18 samostudium)
Number of lessons:
Location: Londýn & Cheney Court
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Number of students: 4 - 8 účastníků ve skupině
About the course: This specialist group programme is a balanced programme which will provide participants with the opportunity to analyse and discuss both presentation skills and presentation language. Practice presentations are an integral part of the programme.
It is held in a pleasant environment and atmposphere and taught by professional teachers with great work experience and friendly approach.
Who is the course for? This programme is aimed at business professionals who give presentations in an international setting to a variety of audiences.
Entry level: intermediate (B2)
Textbooks: internal materials
Lecturers: native speaker with professional experience in business
Curriculum: Language of presentations (e.g. introducing yourself and the presentation, linking the presentation, dealing with questions, summarising)
Language for making an impact when presenting
Analysis and discussion of both presentation skills and presentation language
Preparing and presenting visuals
Practice presentations using participants’ own authentic materials / company presentations – with video analysis and feedback
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