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Ukážeme vám, že učit se cizí jazyky může být zábavné a obohacující. Díky nám získáte více sebedůvěry a poznáte zajímavé lidi z různých oborů i koutů světa.

Otestujte si svou znalost angličtiny – 2.část

2. část:

Angličtina čtení test – úroveň C1

Přečtěte si text a odpovězte na otázky. Máte na výběr z možností a (true – správně) nebo b (false – chybně). Pokud odpověď nevíte, zvolte možnost c (nevím), abyste se vyvarovali nepřesnému hodnocení. Test by měl trvat maximálně 15 minut.

EN: Read the text and answer the questions. You can choose from two options (a=true, b=false). If you don´t know the answer,choos option c (nevím). The test shouldn´t last more than 15 minutes.


Oh, the dreaded business meeting. The bane of all business people’s day. They sit there on your calendar, taunting you, telling you your work will soon be interrupted so you can go and sit in a conference room for an hour and maybe come away with a few minor productive takeaways.

Like lambs to the slaughter, we grab our laptops, tablets, and notebooks and begrudgingly walk towards the conference room. Then, we all sit down and as quickly as possible find something else to entertain ourselves until our two minutes of attention are required. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Business meetings can actually become productive once again. They can also even be fun if they’re done correctly.

I’ve compiled the top five ways to ensure that your next business meeting put a smile on people’s faces and leaves them wanting more.

1. Stop Calling Them Meetings

I know this sounds silly, but you’d be shocked at how effective it is at changing the way meetings are treated by just giving them a different nomenclature. In fact, in our office we’re not allowed to schedule meetings. Nor do we discuss meetings. Instead, our calendars are sprinkled with sit-downs, powwows, huddles, and about a dozen other terms that mean meeting but don’t say meeting.

2. Stop Using The Conference Room

In fact, why does it have to be in a room for that matter? I understand that sometimes meetings require some level of privacy, but you’d be surprised where you can start holding them if you start to use your imagination.

A favorite place for me is in the car. When the meeting involves five or fewer people I’ll load them all into the car and we’ll turn on some music and go for a drive. It gets us out of the office, allows for privacy, and stimulates conversation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Other frequently used locations used in our office are the great outdoors, around someone’s desk, or at the coffee shop across the street. When you break out of the typical conference room environment you’ll notice that people open up, are more participatory, and usually enjoy themselves a little more.

Why do we do this? Well, because meetings have developed a stuffy and boring reputation. And why would you want to set the tone for your next gathering by immediately putting the idea of boring and stuffy into the attendee’s heads?


1. People don´t find meetings productive because they have to interrupt their work.
2. People look for another source of fun during meetings.
3. Meetings evoke ennui.
4. Meetings in a conference room enhance conformal thinking.