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Ukážeme vám, že učit se cizí jazyky může být zábavné a obohacující. Díky nám získáte více sebedůvěry a poznáte zajímavé lidi z různých oborů i koutů světa.

Otestujte si svou znalost angličtiny – 1.část

Angličtina gramatika test (Part I – Grammar)

Test obsahuje 30 otázek, jejichž obtížnost se v průběhu testu zvyšuje. Pokud si nejste odpovědí jisti, zvolte možnost nevím, abyste se vyvarovali nepřesnému hodnocení. Test by měl trvat maximálně 30 minut.

EN: Test consists of 30 questions whose difficulty rises throughout the test. If you are not sure about the right answer, choose option „nevím“ to avoid inaccurate assessment.

Na konci testu se dozvíte, jaké úrovně jste dosáhli a podle toho si vyberte další cvičení v 2. části Angličtina test čtení a 3.části Angličtina test poslech testu.

EN: At the end of the test you will find out the level you reached. Choose this level in the next parts of testing,i.e. Part II – Reading

Test: angličtina gramatika/Grammar Test

Vyberte jednu z možností a, b, c nebo d. Pokud odpověď nevíte, zvolte možnost e (nevím).
EN: Choose one of the options a, b, c or d. Choose option e (nevím) if you don´t know the answer.

1. Do you work or study?
2. How is your uncle?
3. I didn´t go to bed early last night and you?
4. I usually wake up _______________ 9am after a party.
5. Are there any skyscrapers in Prague?
6. I don´t like people being late. I think it is _______________ .
7. You _______________ smoke in some public places. It is forbidden.
8. I _______________ never read a book by Paul Theroux.
9. I go to work _______________ foot
10. I _______________ an English exam this Thursday.
11. She loves _______________ photos.
12. Very _______________ students can afford school tuition without financial assistance.
13. I _______________ really busy last few weeks.
14. I _______________ my wallet.
15. He _______________ if he has failed the test.
16. I heard the police _______________ many people before they made an arrest.
17. I wish I _______________ to bed earlier last night.
18. Can I ask you for _______________ advice regarding my application?
19. My car is _______________ yours.
20. You haven´t read the book, _______________ you?
21. An increased _______________ has been placed on learning English as a world language number one.
22. It is _______________ to be raised in bilingual families.
23. He has been _______________ of selling illegal documents but his guilt hasn´t been proved yet.
24. Should the company _______________ down, many people will lose their jobs.
25. If I _______________ of university last year, I would get a better job today.
26. Hunger and _______________ are becoming a global problem.
27. The application of new technologies can play a role in future food _______________ .
28. That car nearly hit us, it was a really close _______________ .
29. The trees _______________ eerie shadows in the half light.
30. The teacher would not _______________ for the pupils’ unruly behaviour.